12-step Daoyin Health Preservation

Graceful Exercise Benefit Life Long

Health Qigong — 12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises is new series of qigong exercises and was designed and compiled by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

It consists of 12 exercises from over 50 routines of Daoyin Health Qigong that developed since 1974 by Prof. Zhang Guangde, a highly revered and famous Daoyin master in China.

These exercises are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine concerning the internal organs and meridians, Yin-Yang theory, the Five Elements, and qi and blood.

This new set of Qigong exercises combines Daoyin with healthcare, physical exercises and mental cultivation. The movements are graceful, easy-to-learn, suitable for all ages, and effective for keeping good health and prolonging life.

What will you gain from 12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises?

1.  Learn a way to keep in good health

12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises follow the Chinese Medical understanding of viscera and meridians. The practitioner is able to massage the internal organs through abdominal respiration training from the exercise; then promote the circulation of qi and blood to prevent problems of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system etc.

Traditional Chinese medical science considers that the twelve source acupoints are stop and pass positions of qi.  Practicing the 12-Step Exercise is kind of self-massage of the twelve source acupoints. Every time you practice the exercise it helps clear the meridians and improve the body’s circulation so as to prevent disease.

This is an enjoyable aerobic exercise and stretch for the body and will help the bones and muscles grow strong and healthy. This leads to good fitness, improved immunity and good mental health.

2. Explore the profound Chinese health philosophy

Traditional Daoyin exercise reflects the view of ‘harmony between man and nature’ that existed in ancient China. It emphasises that promoting natural internal harmony of the body can gain good health and long life. So the features of the 12-Step Exercise are endless movements and cycle, just like the universe and us.

Ancient China also has the philosophy of ‘balance in Yin and Yang’. It stressed everything should be ‘motion in stillness’ ‘Yin in Yang’. So the movement of the12 Step Exercise is gentle and slow, balance in left and right, a feeling between existing and nothing. Everything in their proper place.

3. Enjoy a lifelong interest

What kind of sports can be practiced all life long? Chinese traditional health exercise can!

The movement is not violent, severe or extreme at all. It could strengthen your body but not damage it. It would be a perfect activity for people of all ages. 

You might sweat slightly but not perspire heavily. This is a kind of simple and beautiful sport that will leave you feeling quite comfortable after practice.

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