Qianlong Exercise

Emperor Qianlong, who died aged of 87, was also one of the longest-living monarchs in China. His good health is attributed to his good habits. The 10 things to do involved 10 parts of body-the teeth, throat, ear, nose, eyes, face, feet, stomach, legs and arms, and hips.

Qianlong Emperor Exercise is created by Hu Xiaofei based on the research of Qianlong and Hu’s own sport preservation practical experience. Professor Hu also combines lots of ancient Chinese medical study, modern medicine and sports physiology to make the exercise effectively good for health.

What will you gain from Qianlong Emperor Exercise?

Through years of practical research, this exercise is found that has the functions of unblocking meridians, balancing Qi and blood, regulating viscera, strengthening muscles and bones, improving immunity. 

People practice regular that can prevent and treat hypertension, diabetes and delay aging. It is very popular among middle-aged and old people. Qianlong Emperor Exercise can be used as a preparation activity for traditional physical exercises as well as the traditional medical and health care exercise.

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